Back when the internet was relatively new to consumers I registered the name Try to register a name that short today and you'll see it's nearly impossible. NEVETS, in case you're wondering, is my middle name STEVEN, spelled backwards.

My name is Thomas Steven Fanslau, or Tom to the few friends I have. If the life expectancy of overweight men goes up to 90, then you could consider me middle aged. I am single, never been married, and for ten years had the pleasure of being a full time care giver to my mother. May so rest in peace (miss you ma!)

I am a writer and graphic artist. I've written 5 screenplays, a novel, and now, two comic books. More detailed information on that will come in the future.

I have produced over 400 television commercials and produced 13 episodes of a TV series called THE EFFORTLESS GOURMET for Robert Irvine, who you may know as the Food Network's Host of RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE and several other series. He used the series I produced for him to propel himself into the celebrity he is today.

When my mother passed in November of 2013 I was able to focus on my career again. I love the people I meet while networking. If there is anyway I can help you, please ask, if there is anyway you can make me better, please tell me.

I've found the secret to happiness:

Respect others.
Believe in yourself.
Be happy for other's success.

Let's all have a great life.

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